Nina Fagerström - International showjumping rider
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"Nina understands that every horse
has to be treated individually, by its character.
She can control her nerves
and doesn´t collapse in tight spots.
She has a unique intuitive skill
that can´t be purchased anywhere.
You either have it or not."

- Christopher Wegelius

New challenges for Team Fagerström
Nina is taking a nNina, Tiina and
                      Alexanderew step in her career to become an entrepreneur with her partner Alexander Rohling. Tiina Tuunanen will continue as Nina's long-term groom.
Nina recalls: "The previous 10 years spent at Stephex Stables have been very educational and the support from Stephen Conter has been invaluable to my career. I have had the opportunity to compete with top class horses with a large team behind me. Going solo has been my plan for quite some time and now the time is right. It will be really exciting for me to develop new horses my own way."
Nina and Alex are located at Stal Bergmans in Doenrade Netherlands which is right in the center of the European horse community. With quick access to Belgium Germany and France, offering a brand new and modern facility to meet all the needs of riders and horses.
Unfortunately we won't be seeing Nina competing with Mouse and Talent, the horses owned by Stephex Stables and the Crack Furniture Store. Now that Nina is leaving Stephex Stables and going solo, this leaves an open door and rare opportunity for investors, owners and sponsors to bring their horses or products into the winners circle at the highest international level and offers a possibility for riders who appreciate a committed coach.
Nina in the spotlight
Nina is "rider of the week" in riding site
Nina in the spotlight
Read Nina´s interview from the news site  World of Showjumping.
Great weekend on Paris CSI5* Saut Hermes
Olympic champion Eric Lamaze of Canada on Hickstead and Finland's Nina Fagerstrom on Talent teamed up Saturday to win the EUR € 100,000 (US $ 144,000) Saut Hermès pairs competition with the only two double clear rounds. The USA's Beezie Madden on Carol Reef Via Volo and Richard Spooner on Cristallo placed second in the two-round class, with Germany's Marcus Ehning on Plot Blue and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum on Kismet 50 third and the USA's Laura Kraut and Cedric and Pius Schwizer of Switzerland and Carlina finishing fourth.

The class consisted of two rounds at 1.60 m in mixed teams of two with the result determined by the accumulation of points and the total time of the second round. Nina Fagerstrom is a pupil of the Canadian: "but now Nina trains me," he said. "Nina did well again this year. Last year I had a fault. Today she went clear again and I did a bit better, so I am the one who is still learning!"

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24–27.3. CSI5* WORLD CUP 's-Hertogenbosch
Nina had a wonderful competition in Hertogenbosch. Two wins and one fourth place. She won a 140 cm special class which was ridden with two horses. The horses were changed in the middle of the course and time started after the firdt horse crossed a specific line so the change of horses was also timed. Mouse and Uraquay were the winning couple. The second win came with Talent in Sundays 150 cm Joker-class. Nouse was placed fourth in the 135 cm Derby class which included special obstacles. She participated in the World Cup class with Uraquay but got a fall after he stopped at the combination.

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Nina is number 46 in FEI Rolex Ranking !!
Rankings 31.3.2011 Nina is number 46 (
1520.3. CSI2* Vidauban, France
Nina was 4th in the Vidauban CSI2* competition GP-145 cm class with Uraquay and in the CSI1*-GP also 4th with Uberlina.

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1013.3. CSI4* Braunshweig
Nina was second in Braunshweig with Talent in the 150 cm Medium Tour - final. She was also placed 10th with Wivina in the 150 cm GP-qualifier.

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3–6.3. Bremen CSI3*
Nina was placed in Bremen CSI3* - competition; 2nd with Mouse in Saturdays 150 cm Speed class and 4th with Talent in Sundays 150 cm jump-off class!

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Introducing new sponsor Meubelen Crack
The Ollevier family has purchased a share of share Mouse and Talent to secure them staying with Nina.
Nina is number 58 in FEI Rolex Ranking
Rankings 28.2.2011 Nina is number 58 (
Nina had a great wc-weekend in Helsinki  
Nina placed 7th in Helsinki world cup class on Sunday, an incredible achievement considering she fell from Talent on Saturday and broke two ribs and got pneumothorax and rode the WC class injured. After the prize giving seremony doctor send her to hospital, where she has been this week. Her spirits are high and she´s waiting for to be back on the game. Doctors will see her on Friday and give their opinion on her recovery.

- The weekend was absolutely marvelous, even with this little injury. I enjoyed every moment! It was ten years ago I competed in Finland before this time, so to hear the Finnish audience when I entered the arena was so exciting and encouraging.  
Nina has been nominated to represent Finland the World Championships in Kentucky
On Monday August 8, The Equestrian Federation of Finland made a proposal for the board to confirm the prospects of the team to go to Kentucky. (

Nina was nominated to represent Finland in jumping. The jumping discipline will be held on Oct. 4-9.

The very first World Equestrian Games were held in Stockholm in 1990. Six disciplines were involved--Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Endurance and Vaulting. In 1994 the city of The Hague in the Netherlands hosted the Games.

After a late cancellation of the Games that were to be held in Dublin, Ireland, Rome stepped forward to host the 1998 Games on one year's notice. All disciplines except the Endurance were held and beautifully executed considering the very short preparation time. The Endurance was held in Dubai that year.

The next Games were held in Jerez de Frontera, Spain in 2002 and included all six disciplines and Reining for the first time. Following that the Games went to Aachen 2006, again with seven disciplines, and were a fabulous success.

In 2010 the games leave Europe for the first time and come to the United States to the Kentucky Horse Park where, for the first time, Para Dressage, the newest FEI Discipline will be competed together with the other seven.

"Finland means so much to me and I am very proud to represent my country in the games. Its not sure which of my horses is going Talent or Wivina. I will make the decision from the feeling of them in the next competitions." 
6–8.8. CSI 2* Bonheiden
This competition was more of getting to know the not so familiar horses.

Binky was placed every day. A new horse Laetitia which has jumped with Alexander Zetterman formerly seems to be a very fit and capable horse. The co-operation was tested in the Big Tour and they had only one time fault in the GP. The time was especially tight and Nina was very pleased with the result. Chauvinist Z (owned by Ms Lia Lammi) did the Medium Tour and was clear in two classes. A new acquaintance Welunia (7 yrs old),a very sensitive and promising mare did the smaller classes.

Nina has jumped up to number 60 in the FEI Rolex Ranking list
Kevin Staut is the leader with Eric Lamaze second. Nina is the best Finn. The next Finnish riders are Mikael Forsten as 117 and Sebastian Numminen as 354. (List nr 115, 31.7.2010)

The FEI Rolex Ranking points are counted from the results in international shows (CSI 3* >) of the rider in the previous 12 months. (
30.7–1.8.2010 CSI5* San Patrignano
Nina was placed 10th with Talent in the high classed 160 cm GP of San Patrignano. They had a clear round but one time fault left them out of the jump-off. The Netherlands Mathis Van Asten on Vdl Groep Chester Z won the class. Nina will gain valuable ranking points from the placing. She also had a few other placings.

160 cm Grand Prix. Starters 43, placed 11
10) Nina Fagerström / Talent FIN 1/74.85

140 cm for 7 y. horses. 20 Starters, placed 8
8) Fagerstrom Nina FIN Touch Down 4 73.49

135 / 140 cm for young horses. Starters 20, placed 10
3) Fagerstrom Nina FIN Touch Down 0/0 34.47

145 cm speed ride. Starters 30, placed 8
6) Fagerstrom Nina FIN Mouse 0 66.49
Eric Lamaze and Hickstead won the CHIO Aachen 2010 Grand Prix
9–10.7. CSI4* Twente, Hollanti
145 cm speed ride. Starters 57, placed 15.
1) Nina Fagerström / Mouse, FIN 0/66.25

150 cm speed ride. Starters 74, placed 19.
15) Talent / Nina Fagerström, FIN 0/77.95

155 cm  Starters 71, placed 18.
12) Nina Fagerström / Talent, FIN 0-4/41.40

140 cm Starters 39, placed 10.
10) Nina Fagerström / Binky van het Plutonaiahof, FIN 0/34.59
3–4.7. CSI3* Wiener Neustadt, Itävalta
145 cm speed ride, Ladies-Cup. Starters 19, placed 8.
1) Mouse / Fagerström, Nina, FIN 0/38.22

155 cm Grand Prix. Starters 50, placed 15.
9) Wivina / Fagerström, Nina, FIN 0-4/46.06
Nina is number 70 in FEI Rolex Ranking
Rankings June 30, 2010 Nina is number 70 (

26–28.6. CSI3* Reifnitz, Itävalta
155 cm Grand Prix.  Starters 40, placed 10.
1) Nina Fagerström / Talent, FIN 0-0/39.59

145 cm Silver Tour Final - Ladies Club.  Starters 14, placed 8.
1) Nina Fagerström / Mouse, FIN 0-0/34.58

145 cm Golden Tour , speed ride. Starters 44, placed 11.
1) Nina Fagerström / Mouse, FIN 0/60,40
18–20.6. CSI3* Lons Le Saunier, Ranska
 150 / 160 cm Grand Prix.  Starters 40, placed 14
8) Nina Fagerström - Wivina, FIN 4/75.93

145 cm. Starters 40,  placed 14
14) Nina Fagerstrom - Airport, FIN 4/ 77.24

135 cm. Starters 33, placed 12
8) Nina Fagerstrom - Airport, FIN 0-7/56.33

150 cm.  Starters 55, placed 14
8) Nina Fagerström - Wivina, FIN0-4/42.28
4–6.6. CSI3* Vimeiro, Portugali
GP-elimination. Placed 14
8) Nina Fagerström - Talent, FIN 0-4/39.21

140 cm. Placed 21
16)Nina Fagerström - Mouse, FIN 0-0/ 29.19

140 cm
19) Nina Fagerström FIN Binky vt Plutoniahof 0-8/ 30.75
World Equestrian Games 2010
Nina has her goal on participating in the FEI World Equestrian Games 2010 ( The goal is very realistic as the young Finn has given such good shows in the past spring that on a good day they can carry her high.
Nina in MTV 3 Huomenta Suomi (Good Morning Finland) -TV morning show
On June 1, 2010 Nina was as guest on the popular TV-show. When the host asked Nina what is her secret in success, the smiling Nina highlighted the meaning of hard work. Nina is known of her ability to gain success with different kinds of horses and when asking about this the young top rider declared: "You have to get to know each horse, you have to value it and build up its weaknesses". To the question of which is more important, the riders motivation or talent, Nina placed motivation first but also confessed "maybe I have some talent also."
Nina is number 82 in FEI Rolex Ranking
Rankings May 31, 2010 Nina is number 82.
The highest placed Finnish FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale)- Rolex Ranking of jumping riders (
27–30.5. CSIO4* Lissabon, Portugali
140 cm, speed ride
15) Nina Fagerström - Binky vt Plutoniahof, FIN 0-4/34.46

140 cm speed ride. Starters 32, placed 8
2) Nina Fagerström - Mouse, FIN 59.79

160 cm Grand Prix
10 Nina Fagerström - Talent, 4-4/46.42

150 cm. Starters 45, placed 12
1) Nina Fagerström - Mouse, FIN 0-0/40.19
6–9.5. CSI3* Lamprechtshausen, Itävalta
155 cm Grand Prix. Starters 57, placed 16
1) Nina Fagerström - Talent, FIN 0-0/43.79

145 cm for ladies
5) Nina Fagerström - Mouse, FIN  0/41.14

135 cm  speed ride
6)  Nina Fagerström - Binky vt Plutoniahof, FIN  0/51.01

150 cm, Big Tour.  Starters 72, placed 21
1) Nina Fagerström - Talent, FIN  0-0/37.89

130 / 135 cm for 6- and 7-y. horses
6) Winning Boy - Fagerström, Nina FIN  0/50.58

125 / 130 cm for 6- and 7-y. horses
6) Winning Boy - Fagerström, Nina FIN  0/53.77

145 cm speed ride, Big Tour
15) Talent - Fagerström, Nina FIN  0/73.39
28.4–2.5. CSIO5* Lummen, Belgia
140 cm. 69 Starters - 17 placed
1) Nina Fagerström - Coriana van Klapcheut  0/0 - 35.76

150 cm. 69 Starters - 18 placed

7) Nina Fagerström - Wivina  0/4 - 41.39

135 cm. 68 Starters - 17 placed

10)  Nina Fagerström - Binky vt Plutoniahof  0/0
23–24.4. CISO4* Antwerpen, Belgia
140 cm speed ride. Starters 34, placed 10
3) Nina Fagerström - Mouse FIN  64,43

140 cm. Starters 84, placed 21
8) Nina Fagerström - Mouse, FIN 0-0/27,48
2–4.4. CSI5* Paris Grand Palais, Ranska

160 cm Grand Prix. 33 Starters - 10 placed
5) Nina  Fagerström - Talent FIN 0/0 - 44.55

145 - 150 cm speed ride. Starters 43, placed 11
6) Nina Fagerstrom - Mouse FIN 0/54.44

155 cm for pairs. Starters 9 pairs, placed 6 pairs

4) Nina Fagerstrom - Talent FIN 0-0/39.20 and Eric Lamaze - Hickstead, CAN 4-4/35.69,
Total 4/74.89

145 cm. Starters 54, placed 14

13) Nina Fagerstrom -Talent, Fin 0/31.80
25–28.2. CSI5*W Göteborg, Ruotsi
140 cm speed ride. Starters 38, placed 10
1) Nina Fagerström / Mouse, FIN 0/58.33  

150 cm. Starters 40, placed 10
10) Nina Fagerström / Talent, FIN 0-4/37.81  
13–14.2. CSI3* Zuidlaren, Hollanti
155 cm Grand Prix. Starters 50, placed 13
9) Nina Fagerström - Talent, FIN 0-4/34.49

145 cm. Starters 78, placed 20
3) Nina Fagerström / Mouse, FIN 44/35.82

140 cm speed ride. Starters 53, placed 14
8) Nina Fagerström / Virginia, FIN 0/55.07
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