Nina Fagerström - International showjumping rider
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"I value soft and well-balanced riding
and admire riders who
communicate genuinely with their horses.
Horses stay content when they aren’t
put in situations they aren’t ready for.
A good rider is always a good horseman
and like in any sport a good competitor has to be
mentally strong in the competition ring”


The International Finn
As long as I can remember I have loved horses.

I followed my mum’s passion of horses and I am still following that road. I have spent a lot of time with these beautiful animals doing a lot of different activities with them.

I have learned a lot just spending time with horses and I am learning more every day.
Grew Up
I grew up with my mum in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland. I started my riding career in a riding school and soon spent all the free time at the stables.

We never had an own horse but I was lucky enough to find some private owned horses which I rode and even competed in the small local shows.
Christophers stables times
I was 14 years old when I did a 2 weeks intership at  a famous finnish show jumping rider Christopher Wegelius. There I got the opportunity to ride real show jumping horses. Christopher liked the way I rode and offered me the possibility to ride his horses under his supervising.

The next 4 years I spent all the hours after school and the holidays at Christophers stables. I learned a lot about riding and show jumping during those years. I spent hours watching videos of different high level show jumping events and I was dreaming to get the opportunity to ride on those famous grounds myself.
From Finland to...
I was 19 years old when I left Finland and started to work as a rider in a big trading stable in Belgium. The years I worked at Stephex Stables gave me a lot more than I could ever have dreamed of. I started as the nr 3 rider of the stables and slowly with a lot of work earned the title to be the nr 1 rider. Six years after I left Finland I was living my dream!

Between 2009–2012 I rode many international victories and good placings all over Europe. In those years I was in the top 100 of the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) world ranking list and was the highest ranked Finn ever with the 46th place. For 3 years in a row I was by far the most successful finnish show jumping rider. I got to know many excellent horse people, among them Eric Lamaze and Trevor Coyle who have had a huge influence on my career.
March 2012 to own company
It was a shock for many people in March 2012 when they heard that I had decided to leave Stephex and start an own company with my Canadian companion Alexander Rohling.  Only my family and closest friends understood me without any questions and supported me with the hard decision. They knew that I had been planning the next step for quite some time. 
Now almost a year after leaving Stephex I can say that the decision was right and made in the right moment. Our company Finca-Horses (the name comes from our nationalitys) offers high standard services in horse sport for both horses and riders.

My own goal is still in the top sport.

To get to the top of the sport and to stay there, a rider needs a very good management, the best team and good horses.

I know what it takes to get there and I know how it feels to win.

Now I need some luck to find the right supporters to be with me and my team on the way back to the top and to be with us to celebrate the beautiful moments horses can offer us.
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